Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sometimes I do psalms. This is part of one. I liked the way it felt as I was writing it, but then the paper ended...these things happen! Actually, this was part of a book I was making as a calligraphy journal. I got carried away and started writing before assembling the thing, and now pages are all over the place and cut up. The point of doing calligraphy in a journal was to not have to use lines. Which is why this lettering is all wavy and crooked.


Beth Lee said...

Hmm. First time didn't work, I think. Welcome (belatedly -- I just found you) to the wonderful world of blogging! It's great to see another calligrapher here. We need more calligraphers.

I've been doing calligraphy about the same amount of time as you have. I've enjoyed reading your posts, and look forward to more.

Sue said...

I absolutely LOVe this piece and enjoy reading your blog. Can I put you in my links? Keep up the good work my girl.
Sue aka-Poppie UK