Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today I have been working on yet another fabric thing, using words from Cat Stevens' Moonshadow. I got really excited about it and thought it was working out wonderfully, but the overall picture is drab. This close-up is much better. Will I do it again? Everything is so layered...it is easy to forget in what order I did things...the pigment has to dry between applications, or in some cases if I am on a roll it doesn't have a chance to dry and then new interesting things happen.


Toni said...

What kind of fabric are you working on? I do a lot on canvas for calligraphic paintings.

Margaret said...

Hi Toni,
This is on thin muslin. I like cotton duck too. I am still intimidated by real canvas! Do you treat it first? Do you stretch your own? I wish I could come and see!

Home Away from Home. said...

Ok now I can't get the song out of my head. LOL It's beautiful piece of work! I added you to my art blog. :) Today, the temp has dropped to the 40's. YUCK. Crazy midwest weather.
Have a great day.

Toni said...

I buy unprimed canvas by the roll. I use it as is when I do paste canvas like you would do paste paper.
If I am doing watercolor on canvas then I prime it with white or clear gesso. If you ever get a chance to take Randy Hasson's class do so.
oh yes I stretch it myself.