Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Springtime in Georgia

It is good to live in Georgia in spring. I remembered this today; in fact, this is the only reason to live in Georgia. And the best thing about spring is wisteria.

This wisteria grows across the street on our neighbor's property. I have never met them; I have only seen them at a distance when they stop by in their pick-up to get stuff. They moved out a year ago or so when a tree fell on their house and they decided not to live there anymore. (Can you see the tarp on the roof?) More recently we've seen the fancier cars of realtors and developers stopping by. It is only a matter of time before the house is bulldozed and a small development of 'quaint european-style cluster homes' or some such thing goes in. That's the way of it in my eclectic neighborhood. (Our realtor also told us her brother caught lice from the girl who lived in this house when they were in high school. Uh, yes, go ahead and bulldoze away!) I hope they don't take out the wisteria-covered tree, though.

The other reason to live in Georgia is to be able to stop on the side of the road and get boiled peanuts. I loooove boiled peanuts, good and soft and salty! I am sorry if you do not live in Georgia and cannot enjoy these things right now. Let's say if you have to live in Ohio, for example. Do they even have wisteria in Ohio?


Toni said...

I'm in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania and we have wisteria.
It will bloom around end of May I believe.

Margaret said...

That is good to know! If I every need to move to Pennsylvania it will be ok!

Home Away from Home. said...

I live in the mid-west. I've seen them bloom here and there. Would lov e to see more of them. You live in a beautiful area. My step-daughter lives in that area.
I can hardly wait to plant some stuff .