Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Adolf Bernd

Here is a picture of the cover and one of the pages of the Adolf Bernd book, entitled (or subtitled?) The Painted Letters of Adolf Bernd. He lived in Germany from 1909-1994. Peter Thornton was instrumental in getting the book produced.

In the introduction Peter writes, "...to me it is Bernd's superlative use of colour that is the most impressive and satisfying aspect of his work. The more we look at the paintings of this modest and highly talented man, the more we can be rewarded by their sense of inventiveness. They not only have an ability to refresh the eyes, but the sheer joyousness of their invention and colours can truly uplift our spirit."


Dirk said...

Where can you buy that book of Adolf Bernd?
It seems very nice!

Margaret said...

I do not know who sells them besides Peter Thornton. I would think John Neal Bookseller would.