Saturday, February 24, 2007

Completed wall hanging. Must send to aunt. Walnut ink, Rotring inks, Sennelier fabric dyes, Dr. Martin's Irridescent gold, etc. This is number 6 at least.


Sue said...

Good grief Margaret...this is the most beautiful thing I have seen for a long time. Absolutely gorgeous!
I think your aunt will be delighted with it.
Keep up the excellent work!
Love Sue

Beth Lee said...

This looks luscious, Margaret. Written and then quilted? I like the depth!

Dave Ogden said...

That's awesome!

Elmsley Rose said...

This is so great.
And the Romans look great with their shadowsm and the bubble writing has such lovely clear colouring.

I've just popped in to say I said thankyou to you for your comment in my blog. Blogger is awkward this way, isn't it. :-)

Yvette said...

Good post.