Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh no!

Blogger made me switch to the New Blogger! I hope everything isn't all messed up. I am always the last holdout; I dislike change. I think the word for me is 'Luddite.' My fantasy is to live on a small organic farm with solar power and do everything by hand. Except I'll never give up indoor plumbing! And I still think the greatest curse on humanity was the invention of automobiles. How much healthier everyone would be if there were trains instead and people had to walk to the nearest stop! (I am not always logical; there are a million modern conveniences I could never live without! And I don't really want to have to shear sheep and spin yarn etc.)

Thanks, New Blogger, for giving me the opportunity to grouse about human technological advancement.

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Victoria said...

I know the feeling. I had to change last week and it was about a week before it got straighted out!

Looks good to go now!